As an educational community of light language practitioners,

we provide a platform to normalize and celebrate the intuitive gifts that allow for the evolution and expansion of human consciousness. We’re here to welcome you as you arrive at your gifts, and we serve as a place of homecoming for established practitioners of light language, light codes, frequency healing and related modalities.

Welcome back.

Photo of a candleJunko Nagao

At Nu Sifagon, we seek to serve as a vital resource in our field. We help you realize the perfection of your being while we dismantle the social stigma associated with light language and release practitioners from isolation.

We believe light language has always been within us, and that it’s re-emerging to help heal and balance the world.

As a practitioner, we invite you to share and develop your gifts with like-minded folks from all walks of life.

Membership provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Deepen your understanding of how your mind absorbs and processes information.
  • Learn how to work with your body and mind, balancing the two with less friction and frustration.
  • Engage in deep listening and gain insights that may have eluded you.
  • Learn from light language peers and share your own strategies and experiences that enhance your understanding of those experiences.

Through membership in Nu Sifagon, you’ll experience elevated connection and communication within a welcoming and curious community. You’ll join other light language practitioners in a space where you can joyfully celebrate and exchange your wisdom.

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meet junko nagao,
Founder of Nu Sifagon

Junko Nagao, founder of Nu Sifagon

I created Nu Sifagon as a place for people with incredible gifts to flourish by listening, learning, sharing and integrating their learning into their daily lives.

We’re here to joyfully come together in the spirit of respect and collaboration, so we can create thriving and reconnected communities around the world.

I came into my own gifts in 2018. Since then, I’ve been on a journey of engaging with other practitioners, observing and learning what happens when we come together. As the founder of Nu Sifagon, I blend my professional experience and energy practice to facilitate the co-creation of our diverse community. I also offer one-on-one experiences to help people create space for their light and open to the frequency of love. I invite you to explore this space, and discern for yourself the benefit and level of your engagement in this community.

                                                                   – Junko

Junko working with a clientBlack and white photo of Junko Nagao

about junko

With expertise in organizational development, leadership training, and institutional and nonprofit fundraising, Junko Nagao is skilled in building bridges among diverse populations and disciplines. As a systems thinker with experience in the U.S., Eastern Europe, East Africa and Asia, Junko has helped solve systemic challenges in organizations within IT, community and economic development, and politics. She’s advised startups and enterprises across industries to build partnerships, create strategic solutions and advance their organizational mission.

From training women in democratic leadership in the Greater Horn of Africa, to launching an innovative social investment marketplace in Japan, Junko is a trusted leader and a catalyst for change. She received her master’s in Education from Harvard University and bachelor of arts in Political Science from Barnard College. Junko regularly volunteers on Harvard Alumni Association clubs and SIGs and with the Exeter Alumni Association, and she mentors next-generation entrepreneurs. As the founder of Nu Sifagon, Junko expands upon her work to accelerate human evolution and the co-creation of the Nu: that which has always been within us and is re-emerging to heal and balance the world.

What is light language?

Light language has multiple names and forms of expression.

Among spiritual practitioners and healers, the terms “light codes,” “angel codes” and “soul language” are often used interchangeably. In practice, light language is experienced as “energy” or a “frequency” that the practitioner expresses through spoken language, song, movement, writing, drawing or painting.

Light language bypasses the conscious mind; it’s received through the heart, rather than the mind. Light language has the power to expand consciousness, uplift us and illuminate truths within one’s heart.

It can help us understand our challenges from a new perspective and reveal what is. Light language reminds us we’re part of universal energy, and that we can be open to receiving more love and joy.

For many practitioners, the ability to transmit codes arrives spontaneously or by listening to another light language practitioner. Those who are able to access light frequencies typically feel called to explore and share their healing benefits. In sharing light language, we connect to the sacred aspect in each person and return to wonder.

Junko sitting with a client

Experience light language
with Junko Nagao

With experience across industries and cultures, Junko is a skilled and compassionate listener and an authentic connector. In private light language sessions, she provides a space free from fear and judgment where you can open up to receive the insights of this universal language.

Junko serves as your guide to access and realign with the power of your pure source energy. She can help you identify and acknowledge those aspects of yourself that have been dormant and now need to come to light.

Junko guides you in witnessing and accepting the layers of your humanity, so you can evolve into fully being.

Request a 1:1 Session with Junko


Having a session with Junko allowed me to identify, resonate with and rationalize my behaviors caused by limiting beliefs around being successful and deserving of abundance and self-love. I no longer allow others to overpower my conversations and meetings, and I truly exercise my voice, which makes me feel more empowered and less willing to give in to others. As a female entrepreneur, I have more self-confidence knowing that I am more than capable of achieving my dreams.

Tinia Pina


Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Re-Nuble

Junko is an extraordinary soul carrying grounded knowledge of the linear, wisdom in the non-linear, and great insight into the multidimensional aspects of our experience in these times. She is a unique resource to help us birth the New Earth frequencies that are calling forth our highest potential.

Stephanie Trager


Life & Impact Coach

How amazing are you!!! I'm so touched and humbled by your exquisite transmission. Wow! I felt that deeply. I'm excited to see the future unfolding.

Marlene Cronin


The Spirit Seer, Psychic Medium & Light Language Healer