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Nu Sifagon is a space where individuals coming into or already practicing light language can share and enhance their knowledge.

We believe that everyone is gifted, even if they’re not acknowledged within our society. We invite people of all backgrounds to participate as equals, even while they may not at first feel equal. Our intention is to build trust within and among our community, co-create a safe and joyful space, and reveal the full potential of humanity. When we practice understanding the lens through which we see the world, we’re better equipped to adjust, expand, enhance and release an understanding of what was, and move into what is with greater love, confidence, assurance and compassion.

Through membership in Nu Sifagon, you’ll experience elevated connection and communication within a welcoming and curious community. You’ll join other light language practitioners in a space where you can joyfully celebrate and exchange your wisdom.

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who it's for

To those who simply know: Welcome. We’re delighted you found yourself here. If you’re drawn to Nu Sifagon and asking yourself why you’re here, you or someone you’re caring for may resonate with one or more of the following:

  • You want a community that resonates with you – one that can uplift you into higher frequencies and enhance and expand your skills.
  • You know you’re gifted, psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient – or any of the clairs – and you want to meet peers.
  • You identify as starseed: stars, universe, planets, light and frequencies (sound, light, color, timelines) are your jam. So much so, you’ve done deep dives into the fields of physics, neuroscience and quantum/nano sciences, or spiritual inquiry. 
  • You’re calling in people who resonate with your frequency.
  • You’ve survived experiences, internal and/or external, that most people may not comprehend, and you’re still here. 
  • You’ve experienced a sense of isolation because of your gifts.
  • Recently, something’s changed in the way you view yourself and the world around you, and your inner curiosity asked the question that brought you here. 
  • Your work is opening new horizons and you want to strengthen your ability to maintain integrity without losing yourself to the work.
  • Your level of responsibility and performance requires you to hone your discernment skills to operate at a higher level. 
  • You have a creative side that you haven’t been able to show or bring into form – even to yourself.
  • You’re wicked smart, think fast and feel like no one understands you. You see, hear and know. 
  • You’re committed to creating new systems and solutions, but you have yet to be inspired by an idea that sticks. You recognize you need to remove blocks before you move forward. 
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What's included

Our membership and programs are based on research in leadership, community development, inclusive educational pedagogy and the sciences.

Live Engagement

  • Weekly online calls are centered on a theme that shows up in the moment. Depending on the week, we feature guest speakers, tools and methods for the energies of the week/month, and expressions of light language. Calls typically include light language and may include brief sessions tailored to two to three members depending on time. 
  • Monthly online video calls with a small group of no more than 12 people. Members are invited to speak and participate. As with an MBA or law class, participants are asked to participate fully in both listening and sharing insights. The more you bring an active listening and sharing self, the more you’ll learn and integrate within you what you’re seeking. 
  • Introductory mini classes applying light codes, language and art taught by a curated team of intuitive instructors. Classes are tailored to those who are exploring different modalities or instruction styles.

Content Access

  • Premier access to pre-recorded video interviews with light language practitioners from around the world. Featured speakers are also invited to join our weekly live calls, when members have an opportunity to ask questions and interact directly with these practitioners. 
  • Access to pre-recorded light language videos, explanations and meditations of the day.

We’re limiting live monthly group sessions to less than 12 people to ensure participants adapt to the magic of a circle, especially if they’ve never before experienced it.

COST: $66/month